Responding to Dangerous Step Backwards for Jewish Unity

On Sunday, June 25th, 2017 the Government of Israel voted to "suspend" its previous decision to adopt the Kotel Agreement which was passed in January 2016.  The government also voted to approve a conversion bill which would alienate millions of Jews around the world.


Why Does this Matter?

Both government actions if continued will to cause significant, long-term damage to Israel-Diaspora relations leading to alienation, particularly among the younger generation, and a reduction of support of Israel.

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Call for Jewish Unity


Cincinnati at the Kotel


-- Natan Sharansky, Chairman of the Jewish Agency 

"The Government of Israel's decisions have a deep potential to divide the Jewish people." 

"We will do everything to convince the government of Israel to correct these mistaken decisions." 

On the Ground in Israel

  1. After the news broke of the Western Wall plan freeze, The Jewish Agency took unprecedented steps in their condemnation of the Israeli government and its decision, chronicled here Israeli Decision on Western Wall GetS Unprecedented Rap from Jewish AgencyThe Jerusalem Post
  2. This isn’t over. This past week’s events have seen The Jewish Agency and the Jewish world take on a commanding opposition to the government decision. If there were any presumptions that it would be “business as usual” following the announcement, that sentiment has definitely been put to bed. Jewish Agency demands Israel nix Western Wall egalitarian prayer section freeze, Jewish News Service
  3. Be it official statements, interviews, ad campaigns or future action, Jewish media has followed The Jewish Agency’s every move, seemingly getting fully behind the organization and looking to it as the progressive voice for Diaspora Jewry.

Next Steps

  • The Jewish Agency for Israel has formed a Jewish Unity Task Force to develop an action plan. The intention is to persistently fight this discrimination and bring about a change in policy to preserve Jewish unity.