24 2021

Dynamic Duos: An Interview with Harriett Rossetto and Rabbi Mark Borovitz

12:00PM - 1:30PM  


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$ Cost $ 12.00

Join Melton's Rabbi Rachel Bovitz and Rabbi Dr. Morey Schwartz in conversation with Harriett Rossetto and Rabbi Mark Borovitz. Harriett Rossetto founded Beit Tshuvah over 30 years ago as an act of tikkun olam in helping repair Jewish souls suffering from addiction. Harriett’s work is grounded in spiritual healing and provides a community that supports all addicts so they can thrive and create a brighter future starting with themselves. Rabbi Mark Borovitz is the founding rabbi at Beit Tshuvah and helps recovering addicts find their calling and way in the world. He works to support the residents and congregants and has made it his mission to de-stigmatize this disease through rehabilitation and reintegration founded on wisdom and Jewish principles.