Four Areas of Critical Needs

Recovery from the COVID-19 Shut Down is unpredictable and uneven. Many in our community have lost their jobs or businesses due to no fault of their own, triggering a record number of layoffs in Ohio. Many jobs lost will not come back. Many small businesses will never reopen.  We can avoid long-term financial harm if those able to help during this crisis step up and contribute to an Emergency Fund. 


The COVID-19 Shutdown has created four areas of need:


  1. Food and Essential support—Groceries, home-delivered meals, broadband access e.g. no or limited access to the internet, increased transportation needs e.g. for older adults’ medical appointments. 

  1. Job and Income loss—More people laid off or work hours reduced. Help people find work. Financial support with rent and mortgage.

  1. Mental Health—Address effects of COVID-19-related to social isolation and financial stress, especially on older adults and vulnerable people.

  1. Safe Delivery of Programs and Services —COVID-19 regulations have made providing some services much more expensive.  

Who is at Immediate Risk?

  • 5,300 households in our community live paycheck to paycheck 
  • 2,300 households reported “just getting along” “nearly poor” or “poor” 
  • Over 1,900 unemployed adults in Jewish households