Advantages of a Donor-Advised Fund at the Federation



Here's a useful comparison between a donor-advised fund with Jewish Federation and a private foundation.


Start-up costs and time:

Create a donor-advised fund for yourself or your family and carry out your charitable giving simply and cost-effectively, without the limitations, expenses and administrative responsibilities associated with a private foundation.


Low cost to administer your fund and low management fees:  

The Federation charges a fee of only 1.0 % or $200 per year, whichever is greater, up to $500,000, and the fund of course keeps earning interest. The Federation handles all the administration including distribution of funds, recordkeeping and investment.


Online access:

Using the secure and confidential Donor Services feature on our website, you can view your fund statement and recent account activity, and make investment and grant recommendations with ease. You and your family can participate in the grant-making process by identifying specific charities or worthwhile projects within a field of interest, and recommending grants to support them. Use your fund to support any number of causes and organizations—in the Jewish community and the community at large—and adjust your funding priorities as your charitable interests evolve over time.


Personalized service:

Our donor relations and program team offers personal service. When you call during business hours, you'll reach a live person, rather than a recorded message.


Build a permanent family legacy:

A donor-advised fund can be the first step toward building a permanent legacy. When you create your fund, you will make decisions about its use when you pass away or are no longer able to serve as the fund's advisor. You may designate your children to recommend grants, ensuring next-generation family participation. If you don't make other arrangements, the remaining balance of your donor-advised fund will be distributed to the Federation's Permanent Legacy Fund, which primarily provides for emerging needs and seeds new and innovative initiatives throughout the community.

Get started today! Please feel free to contact us via phone or email if we can be of service or answer any questions you may have:

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