Cincinnati 2020 has three priorities—CaringConnecting, and Community:

CARING ensure quality of life for all

CONNECTING enable meaningful Jewish lives


…to empower strong congregations & agencies


Cincinnati 2020 is our community's collaboration to build an engaged and empowered Jewish community by the year 2020.


Cincinnati 2020 strives to increase the number of Cincinnatians engaged in Jewish life and enhance their well-being and Jewish identity. 

“This is going to be a transformed community. People will look at Cincinnati and say, ‘this is a special place, they have really done some amazing things’—and we think that using Cincinnati 2020 as our vision we can do that.” Cincinnati 2020 committee chair Andy Berger spoke these optimistic words in 2011. Given this collaborative vision and 10-year effort, begun in 2010, the leaders of all Jewish Cincinnati’s congregations, synagogues, agencies, and other organizations gathered on October 21, 2015, halfway through the timespan. At this meeting, a Leaders Forum convened by the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, we will come together again, see how far we have come, and plan for the next five years. The new 2019 Community Study, which will guide us through 2030, is now underway.

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