"A person is only as healthy as the least healthy organ in the body. The Federation is like the general practitioner for the Jewish Community, ensuring the health of the whole."  — Marty Huidt

“Giving to the Federation helps ensure we are able to have visibility of and input on the broader needs of the whole community, so that we can ensure we are getting stronger together.” — Jen Dauer

“Federation thinks about the whole community.” — Max Yamson

"The Federation enhances the health of the Jewish community." — Randy Slovin

“The Federation acts as an “umbrella.” No matter how involved we are, we don’t know everything. It is the Federation’s job is to know everything and bring everyone together (congregations and agencies).” – Renee Kamrass

The Federation creates efficiency and provides continuity to the congregations and agencies. — Carol Kabel

“The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is a dynamic organization tasked with making the Jewish community more vibrant as well as taking care of those in need of help and support. The Federation works with a number of organizations to provide necessary services to the Jewish community. By contributing to the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, you are helping the Jewish community here thrive.” — Alan Brown

"As one of the co chairs on Planning and Allocations for Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, I gained a first hand appreciation of the scope of services supported by our donations to Federation. It is truly amazing how many people are touched by the work of all the agencies involved with Federation. When I give to Federation I know I am in some small way improving the well being of the Jewish community here and in Israel." — Barry Gibberman‎ 

What Does the Federation Mean to You?

When we pool our dollars together, we can make such a huge impact together. It’s much larger than the individual part, if we give it as a whole. Together, our gift will ensure that our local community partners receive necessary funding to help improve the quality of life of their recipients, as well as of the Jewish people around the world.— Patti Heldman

“Giving to the Federation puts the community’s dollars in the hands of experts who can judge across programs and help ensure we invest in best practices and use this holistic view to make everyone stronger.” — Jen Dauer

“The Federation makes sure all the needs of the community are meet, not just the programs we know of.”  — Bobby Oestreicher

"I like giving annually to Jewish Federation because I am so encouraged, knowing first hand what a great job they do supporting Jewish day schools and, at the same time, making affordable solid Jewish and secular educations for our kids." —  David Bernstein‎ 

To me, the key really gets back to planning and allocations. The Federation is the only Jewish organization that looks across the whole community. The Federation Planning & Allocation volunteers determine the priorities. There are many agencies and many organizations. Each don’t all have the same priority in terms of their needs, and in terms of who they’re helping. Therefore, you should really give to the Federation because the Federation holds people accountable while setting priorities, and they do this through the 100+ volunteer’s people who work on Planning and Allocations. — Jay Price

“I give to the Federation just like I go to the gym and I eat my vegetables. Because improving my world is how I grow as a person and by having a great vibrant community is just one of those ways that I grow personally." — Mike Dattner


“We have invested heavily in accountability and transparency with the agencies that we fund. This enables you, our giver, a much more important role and voice in how your dollars are allocated.” — Suzy Marcus-Goldberg

“Different from any single organization, the Federation has visibility of the many needs and can help to drive synergy and elevate impact so that our collective dollars can go farther.” — Jen Dauer