To help the Jewish Community Relations Council achieve its mission of protecting Jewish Security, we work closely with SAFE Cincinnati, a community-wide initiative to improve Jewish Cincinnati's readiness to deal with security threats and natural disasters. Whether it be antisemitism, suspicious activity, destruction of property, menacing and/or unusual behaviors or other hate incidents at your child's school or in the public sphere, please report what you observe below, and always follow the motto: "If you see something, say something."  

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Always call 9-1-1 if you see any act of violence or suspicious activity in progress, such as:


  • Probing
  • Apparent Surveillance
  • Unusual questioning
  • Unusual photographing/sketching/measuring
  • Menacing behavior
  • Active loitering
  • Destruction/Defacement of property

If you feel safe in reporting any of the above mentioned to SAFE Cincinnati, please do so. 
Behaviors worth reporting on are, but not limited to:

  • Suspicious calls left on voice mail
  • Computer intrusion suspicions
  • Suspicious activity reported by 3rd party after the fact (i.e.) Parents see that the school’s front door is open and un-supervised during drop-off. You don’t want to call 911, but it would be very useful to report and, in turn, educate the people in charge; or if someone is taking photos of a facility (JCC, Synagogue, etc…). It might be harmless, but if it is the same person (or people) taking photos of multiple locations, it could require more attention.