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[Enquirer] A (Virtual) Passover Unlike Any Other

The evening of April 8, Jews all over the world will begin celebrating Passover, the eight-day spring holiday that commemorates the Israelites' exodus from slavery in Egypt. At the center of the celebration is a Seder, a ceremonial meal rich with customs that takes place the first night or…

[Enquirer] Faith and the Coronavirus

For believers, whatever their religion, faith is a catalyst in times of crisis. It brings people together when they need comfort or reassurance. This crisis, though, requires distance, a separation that tests the communal nature of faith just as Americans of many beliefs prepare for some o…

[FOX 19] Volunteers Working to Ensure Health, Safety of Holocaust Survivors

As Passover approaches, volunteers with the Jewish Family Service branch of Cincinnati are making sure Holocaust survivors have everything they need to weather the outbreak of COVID-19. Read More > 

[China Daily] US Jewish Groups Express Support Amid Anti-Chinese Sentiment

US Jewish communities co-signed a letter of support amid anti-Chinese sentiment fueled by fears over the coronavirus outbreak.

In response to rising xenophobia aimed at the Chinese American and Chinese communities over the spread of COVID-19, the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA) org…

[Enquirer] Cincinnati Holocaust Center Combats Growing Antisemitism

Delaney Green traced colorful wires stretched across a map of the world, marking the journey Jews took away from the the Holocaust to Cincinnati.

She stood in the very same rotunda in Cincinnati's Union Terminal that served as the entry point to a new life for those very same persecuted …