Israel Update

Our own, up-to-the-minute, weekly brief on Israel by Shep Englander, our CEO, and Jackie Congedo, Director of the JCRC. It's a five-minute-read; our goals are insight, objectivity, and careful curation of the most important, relevant, and current news.

Iron Dome heads to sea; Divers find undersea treasure trove: Israel Update

The Iron Dome is headed out to sea. The "Iron Dome" is set to expand to protect offshore oil and gas facilities. Israeli defense officials fear an attack by Hamas or the Shiite Lebanese group, Hezbollah, could significantly disrupt gas supply to Israeli homes and businesses... More >

Israel stops to remember; London's mayor to visit Tel Aviv: Israel Update

Over the past nine days, Israel stopped and stood in silent remembrance of the Holocaust and two days later, stopped again to honor the nation’s fallen soldiers. Finally, as Israel celebrated its independence with beach-side barbecues, so did our children here in Cincinnati, with Israeli …

Another tunnel, new violence; Israel Holocaust Remembrance: Israel Update

The Israeli military uncovered a new tunnel built by Palestinian militants stretching from the southern end of the Gaza Strip into Israel. The discovery comes amid several days of escalation in violence between Israel and militant Hamas rulers. Thursday night militants fired mortar shells…

West Bank closed for Passover; terror cell arrested: Israel Update

Israel has closed off the West Bank as of midnight Thursday amid fears of attacks orchestrated by Hamas during the Jewish holiday of Passover, which begins tonight. According to news sources, Israel has “warnings” of plans for terror attacks in coming days.

US opposes UN resolution; First Muslim Deputy Police Comm'r: Israel Update

The United States remains opposed to action on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at the United Nations Security Council.“I can firmly shut that door,” said Mark Toner, a State Department spokesman. “Our position hasn’t changed in terms of action on this issue.” The UN Security…