Israel Update

Our own, up-to-the-minute, weekly brief on Israel by Jackie Congedo, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). It's a five-minute-read; our goals are insight, objectivity, and careful curation of the most important, relevant, and current news.

Terror attacks; Howard Stern defends Bon Jovi: Israel Update

With Israel experiencing multiple terror attacks each day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has canceled a planned visit to Germany to focus on the security situation. Most of this week’s attacks have been “lone wolf” attacks perpetrated ... More >

UN drama; terror attack; Isis cell in Israel: Israel Update

Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas revealed his “bombshell” at the UN General Assembly in New York. Speaking Wednesday, Abbas said that the Palestinians are no longer bound by agreements signed with Israel; he ... More >

Jews Banned; Netanyahu Meets Putin: Israel Update

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. The meeting, held in Moscow, was intended to clarify Israeli concerns over Russian arms sales and military involvement in Middle Eastern ... More >

GOP debate: Kasich; Seelbach: Israel Update

Israel and the Iran deal were hot topics at Wednesday's GOP debate; while united by support for Israel, candidates were divided on Iran. A recent pledge by Senator Ted Cruz to “rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal” was .... More >

Israeli Nukes & Refugee Disputes: Israel Update

Yesterday Senate Democrats successfully blocked a measure intended to prevent the Iran deal. Despite this development, House Republicans will hold three votes today—a vote of disapproval, a vote on whether the White House ... More >