Israel Update

Our own, up-to-the-minute, weekly brief on Israel by Shep Englander, our CEO, and Jackie Congedo, Director of the JCRC. It's a five-minute-read; our goals are insight, objectivity, and careful curation of the most important, relevant, and current news.

UN fails to pass resolution condemning Hamas: Israel Update

Govt coalition breaks down; worst Gaza escalation since 2014: Israel Update

Israeli intelligence to help US reinstate Iran sanctions: Israel Update

Israel shuts down commercial border with Gaza: Israel Update

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced this week that Israel would close the Kerem Shalom crossing to the Gaza Strip. The move comes in the wake of Hamas's increased terrorist activity directed at southern Israel. Kerem Shalom is the main commercial crossing into the Gaza St…

Yad Vashem criticizes Netanyahu: Israel Update

Yad Vashem, the Israeli Holocaust Memorial Museum, slammed an agreement between the governments of Israel and Poland regarding the latter’s record during the Holocaust, saying it would stifle free research on the subject. The joint statement between the two countries, made last week, "c…