About Us

The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati is a community-wide organization that brings leaders and future leaders together to guide community direction and meet critical needs. We raise money and use a volunteer-driven, transparent process to distribute it to the local, national, and global programs that need it most. We connect our community agencies with the leaders and expertise they need to thrive. And we work to protect Jewish security by educating the community and advocating for Israel. We do all of this to help people in need, create an engaged community, assure our Jewish future, and support the Jewish people in Cincinnati, in Israel, and throughout the world.


is to develop and connect leaders, contributors, organizations, and ideas to build an inclusive Jewish community that helps people in need, supports Israel, and assures a vibrant Jewish future.


all members of the Jewish community, including interfaith families and those of every socioeconomic status, race, gender, national background, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical, mental, and developmental ability. We respect and embrace all manner of Jewish religious practice.


At the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati, we bring diverse groups together to build a vibrant Jewish community. The 30 “Fundamentals” that follow describe the daily practices that help us to achieve our mission, and to live our Core Values.


Four Core Values drive us as we work to live our mission:
| Community
| Inclusivity
| Learning
| Integrity

Why Federation: Connecting Strengths, Enriching Community
  • We make sure all of the community's needs are addressed by maximizing giving and participation. With valuable input from volunteers, we allocate your dollars thoughtfully and wisely. Giving through the Federation means your gift has a greater impact.

  • We develop the next generation of leaders. We connect them with the training, education, and experiences they need to successfully take on leadership roles in the community.

  • We increase the collective impact of our agencies, congregations, and day schools—bringing them together to plan for the community by identifying and prioritizing needs. Together with these partners, we increase our collective impact through transformational and visionary initiatives that no one of us could accomplish alone.

  • We connect our community—both Jewish and non-Jewish—with Israel and the global Jewish people by fostering relationships between individuals. We advocate for Israel and serve as an educational resource.