Together we will continue to build one of the most welcoming, innovative, and vibrant Jewish communities in America.

The 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study provides a fresh portrait of our local Jewish community, giving us needed insight toward our objective to building one of the most welcoming, innovative, and vibrant Jewish communities in America. 

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 Over the next Year of Learning, we will engage community leadership and individuals in how to digest, analyze, utilize and make meaning out of the study.

The Cincinnati Jewish community is growing and diverse—inclusive of all people in Jewish households.

32,100 Jewish adults and children (+6% from 2008)


48,200 people live in 18,900 Jewish households (+24%)


12% of Jewish households have a member who identifies as LGBTQ.




Individuals are choosing to express their Jewish identity in many ways.

59% of Jewish adults attended a Jewish-sponsored program

82% of Jewish adults say that Judaism is part of their daily life

21% of Jewish households belong to a synagogue



There are thousands of vulnerable people in our Jewish community.

28% of Jewish households have insufficient savings for three months to cover unexpected or emergency expenses

26% of Jewish households are not confident in their ability to live comfortably during retirement

17% of Jewish households include someone with a chronic health issue, disability or special need that causes limitation

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As we begin to create a community vision for 2030, the Federation and Foundation will work with lay leaders, community partners, and program providers to meet the ever-changing needs and the aspirations of our community. With input from the leadership of our agencies and congregations, service providers, and community members, over the next year, we will develop a set of communal values, metrics, and goals for Cincinnati 2030 to enhance life in Jewish Cincinnati.


A dedicated group of volunteer and professional leaders who served on the Community Study Advisory Committee helped us select the Maurice and Marilyn Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies (CMJS) and the Steinhardt Social Research Institute (SSRI) at Brandeis University to conduct the 2019 Cincinnati Jewish Community Study.

Marcie Bachrach
Rabbi Robert Barr
Rabbi Laura Baum
Shep Englander
Marc Fisher
Pam Geller


Alana Goldstein
Gary Greenberg
Brian Jaffee
Elida Kamine
Rabbi Lewis Kamrass
Ernesto Levy


Barb Miller
Dena Morton
Leslie Newman
Kim Newstadt
Mark Sass
Liz Vogel


About the Cohen Center for Modern Jewish Studies and the Steinhardt Social Research Institute

CMJS/SSRI is a renowned research institute dedicated to the study of American Jewry and religious and cultural identity. Over the past decade, it has worked with more than a dozen Jewish communities to develop studies like ours, using its cutting edge methodology illustrating the characteristics, attitudes, and behaviors unique to Jewish Cincinnati.