We communicate the value of the Federation's work and encourage giving and participation through various channels, including web, email, social media, press, direct mail, and more.

Ellen Daniel
Public Relations Manager
513-985-1597, edaniel@jfedcin.org


Pam Geller
Managing Director, Marketing and Communications
513-985-1585, pgeller@jfedcin.org


Yvonne Keller
Content Strategist
513-985-1517, ykeller@jfedcin.org


Liz Lowery
Graphic Design Manager
513-985-1590, elowery@jfedcin.org


Erica Nyberg
Digital & Social Media Specialist
513-985-2961, enyberg@jfedcin.org


Susan Zimmerman
Marketing Manager
513-985-1502, szimmerman@jfedcin.org