Our Israeli emissaries (shlichim) work to create and strengthen relationships between Cincinnati and Israel. They educate both the Jewish and non-Jewish communities about Israel and also advocate for Israel’s right to exist. They engage with our local agencies, congregations, day schools, camps, and The Mayerson JCC to create programs and activities that connect us with Israel.

Community Emissaries


Community Shlicha (Emissary) from Israel

mmorag@jfedcin.org | 513-985-1535

  • Maia Morag

    Our community shlicha (emissary from Israel), Maia Morag, arrived in Cincinnati in the Fall of 2014. Prior to her arrival, Maia worked in the educational field in Israel addressing ways to enhance Israelis’ Jewish identity. “I feel my shlichut in Cincinnati is an opportunity for me to better understand the diverse ways that American Jews practice Judaism, and it allows me to view and share Israel Israel from a different perspective as well.”


Israel Representative, Jewish Federation of Cincinnati

nmaliniak@jfedcin.org | 02-620-2616

  • Noga Maliniak

    Noga Maliniak (a former Cincinnati shlicha) is now our community's representative in Israel. With Noga’s deep understanding of Israel's social, cultural, and religious landscape and her extensive knowledge of our community, she plays a critical role in connecting the Cincinnati community with Israel through special delegations, funding opportunities, and by expanding business-to-business connections.

Friends from Israel (Chaverim m'Israel) 2017-2018


Each September we welcome two new Friends from Israel, who live in our community for a full year of service. The Friends from Israel / Chaverim m’Israel program, brings two post-high school teenagers from our partner city, Netanya, to Cincinnati to share themselves, and what they know about Israeli life, with people across the Cincinnati area. Each year, the two chaverim meet about 5,000 kids, teens, and families. They teach in both Jewish and non-Jewish schools and organizations across Greater Cincinnati. In the summer, they are counselors at Camp Livingston. Director of Youth Israel Experiences Sharon Spiegel says, “Thanks to the Chaverim m’Israel, each of the people they meet have a better understanding of Israel.”  This program is a component of the Jewish Agency for Israel’s Partnership2Gether (P2G) program.


Contact Sharon Spiegel at sspiegel@jfedcin.org or 513-985-1536 to schedule a visit from the Chaverim.



  • Liat Falah

    In high school, Liat majored in theatre and biology, and played two lead roles in theatrical productions. During middle school and high school, she was part of a delegation to the UK; was a young reporter at the 18th Maccabiah Games; took part in an Israeli propaganda project; and volunteered at S.O.S. Animals, an animal adoption organization. For the last five years, Liat was part of Shevet Ramon tribe of Israeli scouts, where she held leadership roles.

  • Stav Barkai

    Stav studied chemistry and biology at Ish Shalom High School. Last year he was a coordinator and instructor in his Israeli scouting tribe Shevet Regavim. He is a member of the Israeli National Orienteering Team; he competes in the elite division and has competed in two European championships. He also loves to play basketball and soccer, read books, and play video games.

Israel Fellows to Hillel


This program is a partnership between the Jewish Agency for Israel and Hillel International. It places outstanding young Israelis on key college campuses for a two-year period of educational service, in order to create an ongoing Israel presence for Jewish students and the broader community. Campus Israel Fellows partner with student organizations, campus study abroad offices, Jewish and Israel studies departments, local Jewish federations, Israeli consulates, and Jewish Community Centers.


They also follow through with Taglit-Birthright trip alumni via one-on-one meetings and special programs and events to keep them active and encourage them to continue their Jewish journeys while in college.


Campus Israel Fellows serve as Israel's unofficial peer ambassadors on campus and in the local community, providing opportunities for students to discuss and experience every aspect of Israeli life, bridging the gap between Israel fact and fiction, and inspiring students to forge enduring commitments to Israel. In many instances, the Campus Israel Fellow is the first Israeli college students and professors have ever met!


The Jewish Federation of Cincinnati allocates 30 percent of dollars raised to support Jews overseas. Of that allocation, 75 percent goes to benefit programs of the Jewish Agency for Israel, including the Israel Fellows to Hillel Program.

  • Tamar Weissblueth

    Originally from Bney Yehuda, a small settlement in the Golan Heights, Weissblueth is currently the Israel fellow at Cincinnati Hillel. She plans Israeli educational and cultural programs for the university students. She also assists students who participate in Israel experiences such as Birthright, internships or study abroad programs in Israel. Weissblueth has a BS in Marine Biotechnology from Ruppin Academy Center and teaches gymnastics to kids of all ages.

Weissblueth can be reached at weissblueth@hillelcincinnati.org.

  • Hila Katz

    Hila is currently the Israel fellow at Miami university, coming from a town called Petah-Tikva in central Israel. Her role in Hillel is to help the entire campus as well as Oxford community become more familiar with the land, culture and people of Israel. While working with Jewish and non-Jewish students, she helps them create and execute different cultural and educational programs on campus. Hila has a BA in Sociology-Anthropology and Political Science from the Hebrew university in Jerusalem.

Hila can be reached at Hilak@muhillel.org.