As of March 1, 2021, two rounds of funding in the amount of $1,141,475 has been allocated. The allocations committee will continue to accept COVID-related applications on a rolling basis until the fund is depleted. They expect up to two years of pandemic-related need.

For questions about COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Allocations, please contact Jan Evans, Director of Strategic Impact, 513-985-1528 or

COVID-19 Relief Fund Grant Allocations

Safe Delivery of Programs & Services



Total: $564,677 | 50% 


$205,000 | Mayerson JCC  

  • $90,000 | Tents for outdoor fitness classes and camp for the summer
  • $65,000 | Additional personnel, equipment, technology, food, and cleaning supplies necessitated by the All Day at the J program 
  • $50,000 | Supplies to maintain safety for members including personal protective equipment, furniture, technology, cleaning supplies, and additional cleaning staff 

$110,000 | Rockwern Academy

  • $95,000 | Additional personnel, technology and cleaning supplies to maintain safe social distancing and safety at school
  • $15,000 | Additional staff costs necessitated by COVID-19 

​$81,450 | Camp Livingston | Additional PPE, facility enhancements, cleaning, and testing necessitated by COVID-19

$80,000 | Cincinnati Hebrew Day School

  • $50,000 | Additional custodial staff and teachers to support student needs during the pandemic
  • $30,000 | Additional nurse hours and substitute teachers necessitated by COVID-19

​$25,000 | Camp Ashreinu | Partial staff and janitorial costs necessitated by COVID-19

$19,300 | Ohr Torah   

  • $11,800 | Supplies to maintain safety for members 
  • $4,000 | Physical space updates to increase safety and enhance social distancing in the school 
  • $3,500 | Individual supplies for students for safe learning in the classroom 

$11,000 | Jewish Discovery Center | Technology and supplies to maintain safety for participants in the Chai Tots program 

$10,000 | The Nancy and David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center | Equipment to produce and deliver educational programs remotely 

$7,000 | Atara High School | Additional PPE, barriers and other environmental enhancements for safe distancing

$5,892 | Chabad Jewish Center | Supplies to maintain safety e.g. tents, disinfecting sprayer, and dividers to enable social distanced services

$5,285 | Rockdale Temple | Half of the cost for air filtration system to encourage seniors to return to the building

$4,750 | JVS Career Services | Refurbished computers and technology for JVS Career Service clients to enable job search  

Basic Human Needs


Total: $301,798 | 26% 


$239,000 | Jewish Family Service 

  • $64,000 | Full-time care manager to respond to increased needs as a result of the pandemic 
  • $75,000 | Emergency financial assistance for families in need due to the economic impact of the pandemic 
  • $50,000 | Support for increased needs at the Barbash Family Vital Support Center and the Heldman Family Food Pantry
  • $50,000 | Additional part-time staffing and building improvements necessitated by COVID-19 

$58,000 | Chabad Blue Ash, Congregation Zichron Eliezer, Congregation Sha’arei Torah, and Golf Manor Synagogue, Temple Shalom, and Jewish Discovery Center | Discretionary funds for congregant basic needs 

$2,298 | Chabad Blue Ash | Two laptops for virtual programming 

$2,500 | Chabad of University of Cincinnati | Engagement programming to combat student isolation

Senior Care


Total: $140,000 | 12% 


$60,000 | Jewish Family Service  

  • $25,000 | Technology devices, in-home high-speed internet access, and assisted devices for vision and hearing loss to reduce clients’ social isolation due to the pandemic 
  • $35,000 | Jewish Family Service | Virtual engagement specialist to support seniors use of technology to reduce isolation.  

$80,000 | Mayerson JCC

  • $50,000 | Increased needs of Senior Center activities
  • $30,000 | Senior Center SUV for increased need for Meals on Wheels

Mental Health


Total: $135,000 | 12% 


$8,000 | Cincinnati Hillel Jewish Student Center | Virtual program to help students cope with mental health issues associated with the pandemic 

$5,000 | Atara High School | Support for student mental health counseling 

$6,000 | Mercaz | Mental Health First Aid training and stipend for program leaders, students, and supplies for virtual programming 

$8,000 | Miami University Hillel l Stipend and Mental health first aid training for two student leaders, training materials, marketing of services 

$108,000 | Jewish Family Service

  • $100,000 | Social worker for youth mental health counseling and triage
  • $8,000 | Planning grant for community-wide youth/teen/young adult mental health first aid training program