Israel Update

Our own, up-to-the-minute, weekly brief on Israel by Jackie Congedo, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). It's a five-minute-read; our goals are insight, objectivity, and careful curation of the most important, relevant, and current news.

NSA reported spied on Israel; arrests made in hate wedding: Israel Update

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that the National Security Agency has been spying on Israel. This surveillance included the monitoring of private conversations between Israeli officials ... More >

Bomb plot foiled; ISIS attacked: Israel Update

Palestinian terrorist intentionally drove into a crowded Jerusalem bus stop on Monday wounding 14; a 15-month-old baby remains in serious condition. An armed bystander neutralized the terrorist before he could attack ... More >

Trump cancels visit; immigrants struggle: Israel Update

Marking a shared achievement for both Israel and the United States, the innovative Arrow 3 ballistic missile defense system was successfully tested on Thursday. Jointly developed with the United States, the high ... More >

US soldier honored; boycott bloopers: Israel Update

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu acknowledged that Israeli forces have been operating in Syria “from time to time” during the current civil war. Previously, Israeli officials had only hinted at Israeli involvement... More >