Israel Update

Our own, up-to-the-minute, weekly brief on Israel by Jackie Congedo, Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). It's a five-minute-read; our goals are insight, objectivity, and careful curation of the most important, relevant, and current news.

Iran Veto Set; American Students Attacked: Israel Update

Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-Md) announced her support of the Iran bill on Wednesday. This gives President Obama the crucial 34th vote necessary for a presidential veto of a possible congressional measure of disapproval. More >

Reggae, Rockets & Donald Trump: Israel Update

A Spanish reggae festival canceled a performance by Matisyahu when the Jewish-American Reggae artist refused to issue a statement supporting Palestine. Singer Capleton, whose lyrics advocate the killing of homosexuals, was to fill ... More >

JCRC Statement on Iran; Leaked Documents; Rebellious Rabbis: Israel Update

Breaking News: This morning JCRC and the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati released a statement opposing the nuclear deal with Iran.  Read it here.  (Learn about the implications of the deal in JCRC's August Speaker Series.)... More >

Combating Palestinian & Jewish Terror: Israel Update

Three IDF soldiers were wounded in a vehicular terror attack Thursday near the northern West Bank settlement of Shiloh. They had recently arrived to stabilize the area following the firebombing of a Palestinian home last Friday... More >

Tragedy at Pride Parade; Pollard to be Freed: Israel Update

Former American Navy intelligence analyst and Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard is scheduled for release in November following completion of a thirty-year prison sentence. Both Pollard’s lawyers and the American government maintain that the announcement has nothing to do with easing ... More >