L'Shem Cincinnati

JCRC's Civic Engagement Arm


Lishma, in Hebrew meaning “For its own sake”, provides a powerful message to those striving to build community, strengthen relationships and create positive social change. It is Lishma that allows us as Jews to journey on an altruistic path, working to do what is right simply because we know it to be true. Thus, L’Shem Cincinnati represents the connection that we as Cincinnati Jews have for the sake and well-being of our Cincinnati community. 


To fulfill our mission, the JCRC strives to enhance Jewish security by recognizing that this depends on the existence of a just society for all. Our shared Jewish values and traditions teach us to embody a sense of moral and physical responsibility, to care for the other and to better society at large. At the JCRC, we believe that together, we can be a catalyst for creating a more just and vibrant place for everyone to live. We hope that as your Cincinnati JCRC, we can help empower you in fulfilling your tikun olam and working to advance justice, interfaith and inter-community relations efforts throughout Cincinnati.

EDUCATE our community on various social and political issues

CONNECT with other faiths and communities to develop relationships and collaborate on issues of mutual concern

ENGAGE in advocacy on issues that embody Jewish values

See how we are making an impact:


  • Helping Create Safe and Healthy Communities by Reforming Ohio’s Criminal Justice Policy
  • Supporting Cincinnati's Refugee Communities through Mentorship
  • Building Knowledge of Social and Political Issues
  • Exploring Diverse Perspectives and Cultures though Interfaith and Inter-Community Dialogue


To get involved contact Justin Kirschner at jkirschner@jfedcin.org.

Other Opportunities 


We acknowledge the myriad of social issues that exist today and want to ensure that you can engage on issues that matter to you. If our current opportunities don’t match with your passions for social justice and change, we strongly encourage you to reach out to us. We’ll do our best to connect you with the right place for you to make an impact!