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Your partnership in SAFE Cincinnati is key.


Unlocking safety and security in Cincinnati is what we do. We are dedicated to maintaining an open and welcoming community. Together through our physical security improvements, emergency preparedness plans, and communications processes, we will continue to make Cincinnati a safe environment for all. 

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Always call 9-1-1 if you see any act of violence or suspicious activity in progress, such as:

  • Probing
  • Apparent Surveillance
  • Unusual questioning
  • Unusual photographing/sketching/measuring
  • Menacing behavior
  • Active loitering
  • Destruction/Defacement of property

If you feel safe in reporting any of the above mentioned to SAFE Cincinnati, please do so. 
Behaviors worth reporting on safecincinnati.org are, but not limited to:

  • Suspicious calls left on voice mail
  • Computer intrusion suspicions
  • Suspicious activity reported by 3rd party after the fact (i.e.) Parents see that the school’s front door is open and un-supervised during drop-off. You don’t want to call 911, but it would be very useful to report and, in turn, educate the people in charge; or if someone is taking photos of a facility (JCC, Synagogue, etc…). It might be harmless, but if it is the same person (or people) taking photos of multiple locations, it could require more attention.


SAFE Cincinnati Director

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