Specialized Delegations

P2G has facilitated many delegations throughout the years. As with all P2G projects, the emphasis in on creating people-to-people connections through shared understandings and experiences. The goals of the delegations are to educate and expose Cincinnatians to Israel and, conversely, teach Israelis about life in Cincinnati. Most delegations have a component where Cincinnatians travel to Israel and Netanya citizens travel to Cincinnati. The delegates are hosted in each other’s homes and connect personally and sometimes professionally. At the end of the bi-continent exchange, many of the delegations create a long-term project or program together. Some recent delegations have included exchanges designed for social workers, young adult professionals, teens, and Holocaust educators.

G'vanim Cincinnati/Netanya

G'vanim redefines pluralism for modern Israel through an 8-month action-oriented fellowship program that encourages key local leaders from across religious and social spectrum in a deep examination of personal Jewish identity-related challenges. The program works to strengthen Israel's democracy by creating a cadre of leaders to spread the message of Jewish pluralism to ever-widening circles of Israelis. We recruit professionals and lay leaders from both Netanya and Cincinnati, representing many religious and economic sector of Israeli society to learn together the diverse expressions of Jewish religion and culture. The program culminates with an exchange to both Cincinnati and Netanya. 

Global Intergenerational Initiative (G2)

An innovative Jewish experience for grandparents and grandchildren. This year-long initiative is designed to provide grandparents and preteen grandchildren an opportunity to build strong and meaningful relationships revolving around Jewish identity, family narrative, connection to the Jewish community and Israel. This global experience, which connects Cincinnati, Netanya, and eight other cities around the world, culminates in a week long trip to Israel. 

P2G Joint Steering Committee Delegation

The delegation is made up of P2G committee members from both Netanya and Cincinnati. Each year, the full committee meets either in Netanya or Cincinnati to connect personally, evaluate projects, balance the budget, and brainstorm and create projects for the following fiscal year. 

Reach for the Stars

Each year, 7th and 8th grade classes from our Cincinnati supplemental schools study the story of the tiny Torah taken into space and read the book, Reach for the Stars.  The curriculum created for this book was inspired by Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon.  After students finish the book, they participate in a community-wide video conference with Netanya peers who have also studied the story, as well as guest speakers in Israel who knew Ilan Ramon. 


The many faces of Israel are imagined—and reimagined—in the Re-Art Exhibition. Five artists each from Netanya, Israel and Cincinnati take each other’s works of art, each of which reflects the artist’s personal understanding of and connection to Israel; then by re-envisioning or augmenting each piece, the artists explore their own relationships with Israel as it relates to another’s piece. The multi-dimensional results speak profoundly not just about the collaboration between artists living on two different continents but the relationship between two interconnected groups of people. 

School Twinning

This video pen-pal program features several area supplemental and day school classes who have “twinned” with their counterpart classes in Netanya. Each year, there are a series of online video exchanges where the two sets of peers will share various life experiences.

Senior Skype Discussion Group

Senior citizens who are associated with the Mayerson JCC will be connected with a group of English-speaking senior citizens in Netanya through monthly Skype video chats. The monthly discussions will be facilitated by the rabbi of a partner Reform synagogue in Netanya, and discussion topics will range from current events, politics, and shared experiences to current pop-culture. 

School Reading Program

Beginning in the fall of 2016, Rockwern Academy second graders and their families will be matched with second graders from the Rabin School in Netanya. Each side will complete specific tasks from the book, Under the Same Moon. These assignments are designed to help kids learn about each other.


Director of Youth Israel Experiences

sspiegel@jfedcin.org | 513-985-1536