Creating a person-to-person bond between Israel and Cincinnati.


The Chaverim M'Israel (Friends From Israel) program brings two 18-year-old Israelis to Cincinnati from our partner city, Netanya, Israel. These teens have chosen to defer their Israeli Defense Forces service and come to Cincinnati for a year of community service. Through interaction and education in schools and other community events, these young emissaries help Cincinnatians form an increased awareness of and a connection with the land, culture, and people of Israel.



This year's Chaverim M'Israel are Asaf Munk and Adi Itscovich. 


Asaf and Adi are available to come to schools and other community groups for a one-time visit or on a more regular basis. A full curriculum of lessons about Israel is also available.

  • Asaf Munk

    Asaf grew up in Tel Mond. In school, he studied geo-globalisation and theatre. He has studied at the Agency Association for Holocaust Survivors in New York City and has volunteered with a boarding school for troubled children. He is very close to his family, which includes his parents, his twin brother Dan, who is also a ShinShin, and his older sister. Asaf is looking forward to giving himself to the army next year and is eager to both teach and learn from the Cincinnati community this year.

  • Adi Itscovich

    Adi is 18 years old and from Netanya. She likes to dive, read, and hang out with her friends. She is interested in history, politics, physics, movies, and video editing. She has two siblings, Ori (15) and Michal (7). Her majors in school were physics and Arabic. She’s not sure yet where she will serve in the IDF, but she’s looking forward to a meaningful service. For now, she hopes to bring her Israel to Cincinnati, and by doing that, learn as well.

To learn more about the program or schedule a visit from the Chaverim M'Israel contact:


Community Building Manager | 513-985-1536