CIncinnati 2020 Vision Statement


This is the vision our community leaders (40 organizations) created and endorsed at the beginning of this 10-year process, in November 2010:


Our community is a Jewish Destination:

We welcome and include all members of the Jewish community and their families. We inspire each other to explore and become involved in the richness of Jewish life and learning.We choose our own manner of Jewish expression and respect the choices made by others.


We support each other and add meaning to each others’ lives through community. Each of us enjoys a dignified quality of life and has a positive Jewish identity.


We build on Cincinnati’s unique history as a birthplace of seminal Jewish ideas and institutions to become a national leader of innovation in Jewish life. Our exemplary organizations and facilities are affordable and accessible by all and are led by talented lay leaders and professionals. Our congregations and their members actively participate in Jewish learning, spiritual life, and communal life. Our institutions operate transparently and work together collaboratively. Our leaders plan and invest community resources strategically, respond to changing community needs, and continue to earn the community’s trust.


We connect to and feel responsible for Israel and the world-wide Jewish community.


We are leaders in the broader national and international communities and in Greater Cincinnati’s civic life.


We feel pride in our community; take responsibility for being part of its success, and serve as ambassadors for Jewish Cincinnati.